Sunday, May 14, 2006


Over the last couple of years when taking the dogs for walks through the hills I've been tracking the steady deterioration of some dumped furniture. At first I was mortified that someone could've perpetrated such an outrage on my beautiful landscape... then I began to see the possibilites.

Over time the fierce summer sun and winter storms have stripped the surface, loosened the joints and rotted the fabric. To say it's now distressed doesn't come close ... it's absolutely 'furious' (yeah I know it's an old joke)

Way back I pulled off bits of embossed decoration, which I used to make moulds and create roundels with air drying clay. Now the whole thing is falling apart, the weather has done it's job and the time has come to deal with some of the bigger bits. At the moment 3 jointed pieces and 1 other are propped against some oregano in the herb garden, so the sun can get at it a while longer. And to give me a chance to figure out it's reincarnation.

Just to prove not all my garden is filled with 'junk' ...... hrumm hrumm... I mean 'found art'....I've included some other garden piccies. The first one with geraniums also shows part of a piece of timber/totem pole, that I want to erect in the bottom garden before painting/decorating it. In it's former life it was a chunk of telegraph pole.

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