Thursday, May 11, 2006


Just recently I've had the urge to knit again ... like as if I hadn't enough to keep my fingers
busy! I ordered some yummy yarn and a pattern from the US but couldn't possibly wait till that arrived so in desperation I dug out 4 colours of mohair from my stash and got clicking.

It's still a bit cool in the evening so I decided on a little bolero/ shrug/ cropped jacket and adapted this freebie pattern that I found at
It is made in one piece, knitted side to side in garter stitch and is a really easy project to do while watching TV.

I had enough black mohair to knit the main piece, but unfortunately not enough to finish the edgings and neck etc. Have now got some smooth black yarn from the shop which should work OK.


Wibbo said...

Now you've got knitting content, I'd better move your blog into the Knitting Blogs section! Now don't be shy, let's see it sewn up and modeled! J xx

Bee said...

Gosh I'm promoted! I'd best get all those ends sewn in double quick before I lose my stripes ;-)) B