Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The doodles look set to become smaller than usual for a while. I'm playing with ATC format (Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art size 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm)


Before the visitors arrived I'd been doodling with Aquash crayons on a sheet of heavy watercolour paper. Several images crowded and layered together with no planned outcome in mind. I dropped some water on it and shifted it around and left it to dry to be used as background or collage material later.

Yesterday I cut the sheet up into mainly ATC sized pieces and set to work on one of them. Sadly I forgot to take a pic of the 'before' version of the first one. But you can see it here along with some of the other unworked pieces. I used watercolour pencils, pearlescent acrylic inks and gel pens.

Manon has grown up to be a beautiful woman, a shy and resourceful shepherdess, who lives in relative seclusion from the townspeople of her provencal village.

Tonight was hoping to go to see Kiefer Sutherland in the Sentinel at the Cineplex ... but the more I look at this image the more I'm thinking we'll get out our old copy of Jean de Florette. Then Manon of the Spring. Such a pity the story called for Depardieu to die in the first film....sequel as strong as JdeF so all forgiven.


Anonymous said...

I love the cut up piece of paper...the backgrounds are fabulous. I have never heard of Aquash crayons...will have to do a search to see if it something I need :o) The piece with the tree and woman is absolutely gorgeous.

Bee said...

Thanks Audrey, good to hear from you. Aquash Watercolouring Crayons are produced by Pentel. They are quite chunky like a child's wax crayon, but you can sharpen them with a pencil sharpener and apart from that you use them like watercolour pencils. You can add water and push them around to your hearts content :-))