Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I seem to be developing a thing about drawing eyes the last few days. Painted one of my doodles in ATC/ACEO size today. I feel a series coming on!

August is famously holiday time for Cypriots, so just about everything seems to be closed apart from tourist places. I now realise I should have posted time sensitive stuff like birthday cards and gifts last month to have any hope of them arriving on time. On top of everything, this week marks the anniversary of the Turkish invasion and things are even more haywire. No post until the end of the week, can you believe!


Anonymous said...

Bee...another great doodle. I love those eyes and how you did the trees at top.

Bee said...

Thanks Audrey. These are turning out to be very satisfying to do. A great way to get an idea laid down when there isn't time to do a bigger piece.