Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm taking the easy way out with titles for the miniatures, by just numbering them. Think it's interesting to let people have their own ideas about meaning. Have drawn several more ready to paint. I do love working with ATC quick and satisfying.

Julie and her delightful daughters are over staying in the village. We got together for a meal and for the Big Brother tv final. Julie is a huge fan and has been watching it since the beginning. I got away lightly, I watched the first one, decided Pete was going to win ... and just tuned into the final to be proved right. Pete has Touretz Syndrome. He was the only honest to goodness real person in the bunch. Just hope all the inevitable media attention isn't too destructive ...he's such a one-off!

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Anonymous said...

Bee...this is another beauty. I wish I could draw. I'm lucky if I can even draw a stick figure :0)