Friday, August 04, 2006


Ok Mitz as requested here is a closer look at the studio pinboard. It changes all the time depending on how I feel and what I'm working on. Wall space is limited so it's handy for collecting together small images to study when putting together collage. In my new and very temporary state of neatness, I pinned up some happy memories.

The large charcoal is one I made of Julie at the Limassol Studios. To the right of it is a pen and ink life drawing, which I want to work up into part of a larger painting. The smudgy life drawings at the bottom were done when I powdered some charcoal and used just my fingers and putty rubber to make marks. It was an exercise in trying to become more free before I started to work larger.

The blue/pink/red image on the left is a postcard of one of
Grahame Parry's wonderful oils. Until recently he tutored at the Cyprus College of Art. I think my Tango painting probably came as a result of time spent in his studio just watching and learning. It's a direction I'll explore further.

A pic of Patrick Jones also features showing him with one of his 'High Art Tall Paintings'. The vivid image is by Stass Paraskos, founder of the Cyprus College of Art a great place for art students of any age.

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