Wednesday, August 02, 2006


They came (Stephie & Natalie) they swam, they sunbathed, they partied and they made memory albums! Can you believe it! They took over the studio and just went for it. One night they were still working on layouts at 2.30am. Totally hooked, it was fascinating to see! I'll ask them to send some images to blog here ... forgot to take pics at the time ... just so much going on. Here's a vew of the village from one of the studio windows.

Rob (H worked with him at the theatre in Windsor) and his wife Liz also came to stay a week ago, overlapping with the girls, who have now gone back home. R & L went to visit the camels today, while I finished blitzing the studio. And not before time! But boy was I glad I didn't tackle it before the girls came ... it would have been back to square one this week.

My studio looks kinda sterile now with everything so neat and ordered. Here are some pics to remind me how tidy it can be occasionally...for when things start to slide again. It won't last for long, but now I'm no longer teaching the workshops it should be less frantic.

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