Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What a thoughtful group our family and friends are! They came up with a fab group of art and craft gifts, which I love and all goes to show how well they know me. Here are some of them.

Jan and I met up pre-Christmas for coffee, chat, lunch and a brilliantly looooong and expensive visit to the Bead Shop at Covent Garden, just as we had promised ourselves. More of those particular goodies in later posts me thinks. Suffice to say, since my return to the island, I'm constantly disappearing into the studio to stroke and fondle some of the gorgeous shiney treasure acquired that day.

Jan gave me a lush collection of knitterly goodies, including fabulous hand-dyed purpley Silkwood yarn and pattern for a lacey shoulder shawl, needles, row counter, beaded stitch/row markers and Jan's own book 200 Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets. Tonight I'm looking forward to giving the bamboo circular needles a tryout on the shawl. They look as if they might be really comfy to use. I'll let you know.

Before we moved to Cyprus, the Tate had been planning an Holbein exhition for ages and Beryl and I had it flagged as a must do on one of our London visits. We didn't actually get to see it together, but it was lovely to receive the Holbein book from her, which is just amazing and puts my humble efforts at portraiture well and truly in their place. With a possible visit to Venice in our sites for this year Francesco's Italy was a spot on gift from Nick and Beba, as was the Jewellery two-in-one manual from Ian and Julie.


Anonymous said...

Bee quite clearly states that the visit to the Bead Shop was expensive !!!!!!!!

But not for her!!!!!!!

I have bought my present from you !

So, just so all readers are aware. H paid for the Bead shop trip. And yes it was costly.

Still as Bee has always said, "What hers is hers and whats mine is hers!"

Many a truth from a womans lips

Happy New Year.....Oh yes...I have cut up your credit card Bee.....

Bee said...

Ooooh sneaky! Knew it was only a question of time before DH found my blog. Bless him, he accepts my stash & obsessions with humour and an open wallet ... just as well, don't know where the hell I would hide either of them.

Wibbo said...

And I know exactly *how* expensive the visit was..... Hee, hee!

Bee said...

Mine was a drop in the ocean compared to what you spent Lady ;-) If H starts complaining, I tell him that next time he's copping for your bill too:-)) Ooooooh wasn't it fun!