Tuesday, January 02, 2007


We are now back from our Christmas visit to the family in England. It was the best of times and the worst of times. H spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at High Wycombe General Hospital and after our return to Cyprus, also a day being closely monitored in the Poly Clinic. Thank goodness I can now report that there is nothing seriously wrong.

Inbetween the worry and drama, we had a wonderful time, beginning with a fabulous party and overnight stay at a London hotel near Marble Arch with Nick, Beba and business colleagues, then lots of family fun at Ian's party and with Nick, Beba and Ben at home.

Nick and I just had to take Ben to meet Santa Claus. None of our boys when small seemed to take to the idea of meeting such a legend, and Ben was no exception. To prove it, there are now photos of all three wearing "please get me outta here" expressions. Pity really, coz this Santa, being the 'genuine' one, had a real beard and cracking advice on how to keep little boys happy all Christmas and apparently most of the New Year. It involved acquiring a large cardboard box, into which you cut windows and a doorway and filled with lots of balloons! You just know it would work :-))

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