Thursday, February 01, 2007

DAY 32 Project 365

Love my new bench easel, made by H out of leftover timber. It's sturdy, perfectly angled and a ton less money than the posh jobs in the art shop. I'm hoping he'll make a chunky floorstanding version next, as my current so-called professionally made one keeps collapsing!

Portrait Stage 2. First thin layer of colour wash, acrylic paint.


Barbara Newman said...

I thought I would have a look at your site. Well, what a suprise to see the start of my grandsons portrait, looking good we are are so much looking forward to seeing the finished one. Hope you are enjoying painting Alexis.


Bee said...

Hi Barbara. Alexis has such a beautiful face....he's a perfect subject. I'm especially looking forward to the final stages when I can begin to define his amazing eyes! I'll try to remember to take pics of each stage, so you can follow progress.