Friday, April 20, 2007

INSIDE OUT Work in Progress

First stage of getting collage pieces onto the canvas and working out composition and structure. Early days and all subject to change, but feels right for now as far as it goes. Have applied textured medium to some areas, which makes it look wishy washy. It will need to dry before I can add more paint....acrylics this time.

I still prefer the original 'thought' sketches, as they are so much livelier and I like the chaos. The canvas on the other hand will have a totally different mood and it remains to be seen whether the rigid structure will keep me happy.

Second image shows a little further progress.


Lisa said...

Hi Bee, oh this is looking super. Nice thick texture. I like how the figures are in the little rectables...nice highlight of color around...that green is yummy.

leslyf said...

hallo dear Bee ... this is looking really promising! Its so nice to watch you developing your ideas ... I can be really lazy and enjoy!

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks Lisa and Lesly for taking a look. This type of work seems to be where I'm heading just now, after butterflying around in recent months. I've stopped worrying about what I feel other people might like, and am painting just for myself....simply getting the 'inside out'. It is whatever it is whether it makes sense to others or not. So liberating ;-) Having said all that ... I really value the opinions of my blog chums so keep looking and commenting. Don't feel you have to necessarily be polite ;-) Hugs Bee