Friday, April 13, 2007


One of the studio windows looks down onto the village. I wanted to choose a tiny portion of the view for this painting, so needed to squint my eyes to pick out this bit of village house in the distance. On the up-side, a blurry look with imagined detail might look quite good, and the fact I only had to raise my head to see it, plus absence of snakes in the studio, is no bad thing.

This is stage one, which I've started with washy watercolour just to fix what goes where. Next I'll add more detail and colour with acrylic paint I think.

After the weekend I'll be out in them thar hills again, this time with snake-proof boots! I wonder if you can get Crocs wellies? Now that would be cool ;-)

UPDATE. The finished painting can now be seen on my other blog.


jafabrit said...

eek snakes and crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I see something about a referral? if so thankyou :)

I like the finished painting.

Bee Skelton said...

LOL thanks for popping in :-) Yeah the weather's getting warmer here so the reptiles are waking up. Trying to get some sketching done outdoors for a few weeks before it's too hot. Love your almost finished Tweet Bloody Tweet BTW and brill to tune in to some northern Brit humour too. I'm originally from Lancashire not Geordieland but same wavelength ;-)