Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Had a bit of a false start on todays painting project. I took my oil pastels and a canvas for a walk again, striding out up the hill track with great purpose. Once off the track I climbed further up with my eyes glued for painterly subjects, of which there were many. Finding a suitable rock on which to perch was more problematic, as the abundant rocks weren't necessarily close enough to my chosen subjects, so on I went. The ground got rougher until I was mountaineering, and well into viper territory.

The truth is, dear blog-reader, I became decidedly twitchy, and every rustle in a bush caused more alarm. I'm not phobic about snakes particularly, but the thought of one cosying upto my bare feet and flipflops, while I'm deep in sketching mode, was not something I relished. So I took the whimps way out and decided to head for home .... but how to get there? I was too far from the track to get back easily, so decided to continue over the top of the mountain in roughly the direction of the house. Phew made it!

When H came home for lunch, I was nicely settled sketching Rock Daisies in our hill garden. My pathetic adventure remains a secret between y'all and me ;-) Tomorrow I shall wear wellies!

The finished painting, which I completed in the studio using tubed oil paints and brushes.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

here in South West Florida where we spend the winter, there are snakes but we don't see them much, however, I did 'meet' the one who lives in the planter out front and featured him on Not Really A Cleaning Lady, in a post called Wild Kingdom. Oh yeah, I've decided to just leave that planter as is!

Bee Skelton said...

Ooooo ... very wise Mary! I'd be taking a very wide detour around that planter. Even the black harmless ones (Whip snakes)here give me a shock when I see one suddenly. It's not always clear what type you've come up against, because the young Whip snakes are greyish ... same as the Vipers, which are very definitely poisonous! Yuck!