Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found art

A friend and I recently took a stroll around Limassol with our cameras. Hey ok, we also lunched on kalamari and drank white wine.

It set me thinking about folk art at street level and found art in general. Whether it's flashy wet pebbles on a beach to collect and turn into something else, Tracy Emin's 'Unmade Bed' or these prancing figures, I've decided I'm all for it. Not everyone will be with me on this ... so shoot me ;)

Graffiti at it's basic level was featured on an Artfire forum recently. Among those who accept graffiti as an artform and actively create it, there does seem a trend towards quality development. But along with all other art, it's always going to be subjective. One man's vandalism is another man's Banksy.

I've always loved the idea of 'finding' art that some mysterious creator has left for my delight, in a cafe, or between the pages of a library book for example. But perhaps my favourite street art of all time is that practiced by Jafabrit who is a genius IMO. Wish I'd thought of clothing trees in wooly sweaters.


JafaBrit's Art said...

ooooooh I have never been called a genius before blush!!!!!!!!! thank you for the compliment.

It's amazing what we start to notice around us when we take the time. I have an art box on a wall in yellow springs and people hardly ever notice it, and some never knew it was there lol.

Bee Skelton said...

Hi Corinne ... thanks for the visit. Hope all's well with you. I'll be popping into your blog later. What are you going to surprise me with today I wonder LOL