Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walking & wall art

It was Sally's turn to accompany me to the beach this morning. As we headed west the sun was feebly doing it's best to polish the sea. The coastal path looked messy and forlorn. Sally sniffed the winter storm debris suspiciously.

We passed by Ancient Amathus; the main archaeological site is across the coast road, but I snapped a pic of this small excavation right next to the sea.

It was fairly quiet with just the odd jogger passing now and then. I saw a couple of swimmers making mad dashes for the waves and decided they must be tourists as every self-respecting expat or local is still sewn into winter woolies.

As we reached the Old Amathounda Harbour Wall, a bare-chested adonis was doing vigorous press-ups on the pebbles. He stopped when he saw us and decided to to take a leisurely stroll instead. eyeing my scarf and sweater as he passed. Did I imagine that slight smirk on his face. Sally chose that moment to decide she too had had enough physical exercise for one morning and turned for home.

I'm not working in the studio today, but below are 4 collages I finished yesterday; SUNSHINE, WONDERLAND, MUSIC, RHAPSODY.

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