Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Animal art and rescue

My family of pets make great subjects for the sketchbook.  Ideal because generally they don't stay still for long, even when sleeping.  So they encourage rapid spontaneous drawing.  

You can email me for information about anything you see.  A small collection of work can also sometimes be seen in my Etsy shop. 

Earlier this month my dog pack increased by one.  Yet again, I'm sad to say, because of the cruelty of a local human being.  When we found her, Lady had been dumped on the mountain and was hiding in a thorn bush waiting to die.  She was terribly under-nourished, suffering from a blood infection caused by tick infestation and also had ring worm.

The bald skin was caused by the ringworm fungus.

 Here she is patiently allowing Dimitris our vet, remove ticks from her bleeding ears.

 I'm now very happy to say that almost 3 weeks later, Lady is in much better shape.  After lots of antibiotics, vaccination, good food, vitamins, minerals, many special shampoo treatments and loads of love, her blood is recovering as is her skin and her hair is growing again.  She has the sweetest of natures and is lively and full of fun without being difficult to handle.

Here she is playing with George, who she absolutely adores!


hilazon said...

Hi Bee :-)

I found your blog only today, and wish to comment - so you know that you are NOT just talking to yourself! :D

I'm so happy you took care of Lady, and gave a her chance. Thank you! I also find it heartbreaking to spot a skinny, limping stray wandering about - you just have to help them.

Your drawings are lovely!!


Bee Skelton said...

Hi Anna
Many thanks for taking a look at my blog and for your caring comment about Lady. She is doing so well now. She's put on a couple of lbs (1kg) and has completed her course of ringworm vaccinations and has now begun having general vaccinations. She is a very special warm intelligent creature. I just cannot understand how she could have been neglected and treated so cruelly. I don't normally walk the mountain track where I found her .... so it was unusual and very fortunate I went by the bush where she was crouching. I don't think she would have lasted out the day otherwise. So hot and no water. Thanks again for caring about her. Also the nice comments about my drawing. Hugs Bee