Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There's been some changes ....

It's been four months since I last posted on this blog.  I suspect previous regular readers will have long since got tired of waiting for updates.  So I expect I'm 'talking' to myself.

Fact is, the college course I'm taking has been keeping me extremely busy and for the time being I've had slow down on painting commissions and other commercial art.

I really am loving the way the course is getting me to take a fresh look at my work.  It really is like starting from square one.  It's good because I am learning lots, both practically and academically.  

It's one drawback is that it's taken me a little while to get back into painting portraits from photos.  My natural work is now much looser and I've been painting mostly from life for college, which is not exactly ideal if like me, you have clients from all over the world via the internet.  I'm relaxing back into alternating my style now, so all is well.  

This blog will change alot from how it used to be and I'm not really sure how it will develop.  In the past I've tended not to blog much very personal stuff, so I doubt that will change.  My college learning log is kept quite separately, so there won't be much in the way of student artwork to see.  But I may post the odd sketch here and there.  I'll just see how I feel.

It's been quite an eventful summer.  There was a fabulously happy family wedding on the island in July.  Plus H and I hopped over to England to continue the celebrations for a few days.  Like all good art students I had my sketchbook handy in transit.  So when we were delayed at Larnaca Airport, I put it to good use. 

At first I felt awkward looking at people so intently as I drew.  I didn't want to embarass anyone.  I soon got over it.  Generally people are more interested in what they are upto, and less likely to notice me scribbling away.


harry bell said...

I'm delighted you're finding the course so rewarding and look forward to seeing how it affects your work.

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks Harry. Wish I'd done it years ago :) Just off to take a look at your latest blog posts. Thanks for sticking with me after such a long time. Hugs Bee