Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trying out my new solar oven.

Yesterday a friend and I visited an art and craft market in Limassol Old Town, expecting to come away with perhaps a piece of cool arty jewellery.  Instead we both updated our green credentials and bought solar ovens.  

I just couldn't wait to try mine out.  So this morning I popped some chicken fillet, garlic, green peppers, tomato, onions and mushrooms in one pot.  And some potato to bake in another.  I placed it in the oven following the instructions and then pretty much forgot about it, whilst I did some work and watched the F1 Grand Prix on the tv.  

When we were ready to eat I threw a salad together and went outside to see if we had a meal fit to eat.  It was pretty much an experiment as I haven't used a solar oven before.  So I was really excited to find we had a really yummy meal for two;  even my husband was impressed!  And all cooked by the sun!  Can't wait to try something else ... maybe some bread next time.

If this inspires you to find out more, just Google 'solar oven' or 'solar cooker', there's masses of information and recipes on the internet.  Good luck!

Update:  Since posting the above a few days ago, people are asking where I obtained my solar oven.  So here's a link to Re-newcy the very nice people who supplied it.

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