Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A dog really is for life

My sweet Sally
I just want to tell you about Sally, the sweetest, most loyal, lovable little dog, who we had to say a final good-bye to this month.

We first saw her 13 years ago as a tiny, skinny, dirty-grey scrap of a creature on the motorway just outside Limassol, Cyprus.  She was hit by a car just ahead of us, who failed to stop.  My husband and I ran waving our arms and managed to slow down the traffic enough to pick her up before she was hit again.  She appeared to be dead, but I just couldn't believe that life could be there one second and so completely gone the next.  I hadn't a clue what I was doing really, but tried to do what I thought was correct resuscitation procedure and H drove us to the nearest vet. On the way I saw her eyelids flicker and felt her sigh. But even so the vet said she was dead and it took some persuasion for him to check properly.  And then he sensed a very tiny heartbeat.

From that moment her recovery and wonderful new life began. Miraculously the only injury she had was a hole through her skull above her eyes.  She was mostly unconscious for around 3 days and then Choo Choo one of our other rescued Cyprus poodles dropped a ball in her bed inviting her to join the pack and play.  We think her head injury caused some kind of short-term memory loss and she never did learn to play.  Rather like a baby duckling with mother-duck because I was the first living creature she saw after her near death, I became her mother and centre of her universe;  even when asleep she would continually check to see where I was and would search me out if I'd left the room.  We had a special bond that I can't really put into words; the love we felt for each other was unique.  I love all my dogs, but there will never be another Sally.  RIP baby.

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