Monday, June 08, 2015

Black poodle custom portrait painting

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Completed black poodle custom portrait.
I received a commission to paint a poodle with a cute smiley expression as a gift for the clients father.  It was a interesting project as the little dog is completely black.  I've painted many black dogs before but on this occasion decided to accentuate lights and medium tones using distinctive blue notes .

black dog work-in-progress 1
I worked on a stretched canvas using acrylic paint rather than oils because the painting was required quickly.  Oil paint would have taken too long to dry before it would have been safe to ship to the USA from my studio in England. I started with underpainting in soft warm colour intended to be complementary to the blues to be worked later.  A loose sketch of the poodle followed in thin dark grey paint.

Gradually tones, texture and colour were developed and finally a simple background that was carried onto the sides so the painting can be displayed without frame.

If you would love a portrait of your own dog, send me your favourite photo for FREE consultation and advice to

black dog work-in-progress 2
more tone added
black dog work-in-progress 3
with light/medium blue notes

black dog work-in-progress 4
black dog completed side view

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