Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Game of Thrones painting

Double portrait in Game of Thrones theme landscape
Today I thought it was about time I caught up a little on the blog to show just a few of the custom paintings I've worked on over recent weeks.  The first one above was a most unexpected commission.  And what fun it it turned out to be!

The client and his girlfriend are huge fans of the Game of Thrones tv series.  So much so, they've been to Ireland for a tour of the film locations.  Resplendent in fur-trimmed cloaks they had a photo to prove it. I was honoured to receive a request to use it as inspiration for a painting as a special surprise for the client's lady.

Here I have to 'fess up, I have never actually seen Game of Thrones, so needed to do a little homework.  However, the photo was very helpful, as it featured a beautiful background, which fans will recognise I believe.  In creating the painting I set out to emphasise the fantasy nature of the theme.

Work in progress 1
The painting was to be in acrylics on a 30x48.5 stretched canvas, approximately 12x20ins.  A wide format, intentionally chosen to show as much as possible of the fabulous landscape.

I began in WIP1 by loosely sketching the composition onto the gessoed canvas with thin grey paint, using the photo as inspiration.

Work in progress 2

WIP2 involved adding some colour in medium tones.

Work in progress 3

In WIP3 I set some darker tones.

From then on I gradually added layers to describe the atmosphere of the landscape background and eventually details of the portrait subjects in the foreground.

How to commission a painting.  If you have an idea for a painting you would like to discuss with me, you're welcome to get in touch.   You can reach me by email beeskelton@gmail.com or see more work in my Etsy Shop or website www.beeskelton.com

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