Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Paint & Politics

'Something Afoot' mixed media Bee Skelton
I've been concentrating on making work rather than blogging about it for some time now.  When I lived in Cyprus, blogging helped me sort out how I felt about all kinds of things; art, life.... the whole confusing conundrum.  After a nudge from an arty friend today (thank you Jennifer) I decided to make an effort... so here I go again boring the pants off you!

In my last blog post, those of you polite/desperate/drunk enough to read it, will have noted that I've decided I'm too old/stubborn to follow my old art school tutor's advice to adhere to a particular genre in my work.  I now don't give a toss, and I am gloriously indulging myself in whatever takes my fancy with a complete lack of guilt.

I still absolutely adore working to commission;  oil portraits of people, pets, landscapes, favourite places and houses etc etc., inspired by client photos and personal insights.  But inbetween I change gear completely letting intuition and imagination take over.

It's liberating to begin with a blank canvas, with hardly a clue what I'm going to do.  I use mixed media, usually beginning with a rough wash with acrylic to kill the whiteness of the canvas, and then things start to happen with scraps of painted papers, acrylic/oil paint, coloured inks, soft pastel, oil pastel, graphite, charcoal etc etc.  Often finished with a lush glossy textured finish to pull it all together!

With the piece above 'Something Afoot' it ought to have a sub-title (Before HS2)  I had local environmental issues on my mind, which very soon took control of the subject.  My muse, Jennifer, will probably remember during our past collaborations, how disgruntled I was about the High Speed Rail project, which is going to destroy so much of the rural landscape where I live.  With construction work imminent this picture is my homage to how my country dog-walking feels at the moment.  It is not a literal representation of a particular piece of the landscape, or wildflower meadow.  It's how I feel about it inside.  And the lack of careful thought that has gone into considering the distruction about to take place.

OK that's me done venting for today.  I don't expect what I have to say will be read by anyone who can make a difference.  But I feel better ......I think.

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KC'sCourt! said...

You are a very talented lady. I love all your work. Your painting shows how I feel sometime too.

Julie xxxxx

Jennifer said...

Don't apologise - it's good to read the blogs and what's happening. Every time there's HS2 news, I think of you!

Bee Skelton said...

Two lovely friends from way back all on the same day! Yes Jennifer I'm still banging on about HS2.....for all the good it does. Thank you both for joining my wittering conversation.
Big Hugs

harry bell said...

I don't suppose I'm anyone who can make a difference, but I enjoyed reading your post, especially as it chimed so well with how I'm thinking about both painting and blogging.

In the absence of any comments on my blog, I decided a while ago that I'd continue posting as a sort of studio diary and hope that some of it might be of interest to anyone who still reads what I write.

As for painting, I'm now working through ideas that have hung about the dark corners of my mind for years. Some will work, some won't, but at this stage of my career I can afford to take time out and have fun.

Bee Skelton said...

It's grand to hear from you again Harry! Thank you so much for popping in. Your blog has always been more active and interesting than mine. I shall think of you when I need a kick to get me posting LOL! In fact you've reminded me that I need to update with some new work. BTW I'm loving your hats and bags!!!

harry bell said...

Aww, too kind. But I'm glad you like the hats and bags. The series has run out of steam for now, but I suspect I'll return to them again.