Monday, May 07, 2018

A Little Shop of Artery Goodness!

In common I suspect with many artists, I'm usually a pretty solitary person.  We tend to work alone, and if like myself your work is marketed mainly on the internet, day to day contact with other arty folk is limited.

Happily for me that began to change when I discovered a gem of an art shop: The Artery owned by Barry Whitehouse, and through him became a member of the Banbury Artists' Cooperative (more of that later).

The Artery has everything I want in an art shop.  I can drop in to gather supplies and have a chat.  Or I can log in to buy online, connect via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

It's an Aladdin's cave packed floor to ceiling with mouthwatering art and craft supplies. Top product knowledge from Barry and his staff is always on offer when required. There's an astonishing number of art classes and courses taking place upstairs and demos on The Artery YouTube Channel. It's no wonder The Artery is a go-to hub for students of the visual arts and art lovers everywhere.

So in March 2017, Barry who is art tutor and owner of The Artery, found a vacant shop on Church Lane, Banbury, and together with a few talented local artists opened it up as a pop-up art gallery. 

From it's early popularity it seemed clear a gallery exhibiting work by local artists was just what the art lovers of North Oxfordshire and South Warwickshire had been waiting for.  Footfall and sales increased steadily.  And in August last year the Banbury Artists' Cooperative was formed with 35 active members giving Church Lane Gallery solid foundations and a permanent bricks-and-mortar venue for local artists to promote and sell their work.

Our exhibitions change every month with regular Private Viewings and Meet-the-Artists Days for visitors to connect with all of us who create the original paintings, ceramics, art glass, handcrafted jewellery, fine art prints and art cards.  This month we are part of Oxfordshire Artweeks featuring stunningly beautiful art glass created by Ruth Lyne.

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